Welcome to our Elixir course! In this comprehensive program, beginners and experts alike will embark on a journey into the world of Elixir, a powerful and dynamic functional programming language. Through a combination of theory and hands-on exercises, you will learn the core concepts of Elixir, including its syntax, data types, pattern matching, and concurrency models, preparing you for the OTP course. With a strong emphasis on practical application and design, this course will empower you to design code in effective, idiomatic layers the way experts do.

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Elixir is a rapidly growing FP language. With a syntax borrowing heavily from Ruby, a runtime that is on the Erlang BEAM, a macro system like that in Lisp and a streaming library like you might find in Haskell, Elixir borrows the best features from many environments. It’s no wonder that Elixir is one of the best paid languages in the world.

Elixir borrows from Erlang’s Let It Crash philosophy, and adds in significant improvements with structs, first-class hygenic macros, and abstractions such as protocols. Elixir remains approachable because of it’s fantastic documentation, clear error messages, and excellent tooling.

Product Contents

About Elixir
Elixir Motivation 10:10
Elixir Documentary 15:10
Elixir Expressions 13:14
Elixir Bindings 5:49
Calling Elixir Functions 11:39
Elixir Base Datatypes 15:41
Organization and Control
Elixir and LiveBook 21:53
Pattern Matching 20:31
Keywords 17:22
Truth and Control 10:55
Geeky If 10:09
Lists and Recursion
Character Data
Coding With Mix
Key-Value Data

Bruce Tate


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