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Programmer Passport: Phoenix LiveView - Bonus Video - phx.gen.auth

This video is from the Phoenix LiveView authentication topic.

Programmer Passport: Nx Video 1 - Elixir Axon: A FizzBuzz Demo

This video is from the Elixir machine learning with Nx and Axon topic.

Programmer Passport: Phoenix LiveView, Video 1 - Getting Started

This video is from the LiveView topic.

Tetris LiveView - Introduction and Reducers

This video is from the Tetris series, Phoenix LiveView topic.

Programmer Passport: Elixir Nerves, Video 1, SSH to a Nerves Target

This video is from the Nerves topic.

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Programming Phoenix LiveView

Cover Image For Designing Elixir Systems with OTP…

Program Phoenix LiveView with Bruce (Groxio) and Sophie D (Github)

Designing Elixir Systems w OTP

Cover Image For Designing Elixir Systems with OTP…

You know how to code in Elixir; now learn to think in it. Design with intelligent layers.

Programming Phoenix

Cover Image For Designing Elixir Systems with OTP…

Learn Phoenix from the creators of Elixir and Phoenix, and Bruce Tate.

Adopting Elixir

Cover Image For Designing Elixir Systems with OTP…

Elixir lessons from Valim, Tate, and Ben Marx, the architect of Bleacher Report.

What Our Clients Say:

(Tell us what you love about Groxio!)

 After an intense two days of workshopping multiple problems, I feel like I have the missing blueprints for building my own bridge across that gap. There's not a doubt in my mind that I understand Elixir, Erlang and OTP better than I did two days ago... and that I'm writing better software because of it.  
Randall Thomas
Thunderbolt Labs
 I took Bruce Tate's course to get a deeper understanding of Elixir system design and OTP. Bruce didn't just teach the concepts, but delivered a hands-on interactive learning experience. Well worth the investment.  
Patrick Thompson
Founder at Inkstone Software
 Bruce gauged my learning level and met me there with tailored, unwavering support. Groxio’s curriculum consistently delivers moments of clarity. Complex concepts are broken down into clear, lucid steps.The Tetris series seems delightful and familiar, but I found tough challenges at every turn (pun intended)! Solving them required thinking in new ways about what I know.  
Vanessa Lee

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What Our Clients Say:

(Tell us what you love about Groxio!)

 Phoenix LiveView is not easy. Bruce's course helped me because he focuses on explaining the most important parts and on giving us abstractions to deal with the complexity. He helped us know each other as people, not just as programmers. We used remote mob programming with git, GitHub and pull requests to share the code, so that we could never be passive. I learned many techniques that I can use with my students at my university. .  
Adolfo Neto
Associate Professor UTFPR_Curitiba
 A relief from the usual dry books on programming, Tate's writing style is engaging and casual while being informative and educational. His passion of programming languages is clear and pulls the reader in. Unlike with most programming books, I find his books hard to put down.  
Dr. Sebastian Raaphorst
Gemini Observatory
 Programmer Passport does an excellent job of breaking down various programming languages into digestible parts. You get to understand not just their syntax, but the underlying ideas that drive those languages. In his trainings, Bruce does an excellent job of explaining concepts and adding the right amount of struggle as you learn. Plus, the small class size allows for more individualized attention.  
Patrick Carver
Elixir Programmer