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The Dreyfus Learning Model:
Programmers of different skill levels think differently, so they must learn differently

Groxio's self-guided courses embrace coders at different levels with videos, books, and resource links.

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Different Media Types for Accelerated Learning
In partnership with the Pragmatic Bookshelf

How It Works

See the book, videos, projects, exercises, and other web resources in action in one of our guides.

A Mini E-book

Beyond the trivial, learn what makes each language tick in a book edited by the Pragmatic Bookshelf.


Each language comes with at least two private videos. Check youtube to see a few free ones.

Languages and Schedule, 2020-2021 Edition

Machine Learning and Elixir Core Technologies

Julia 15 Sep - 15 Nov

Julia: A fast, concurrent, dynamic language for technical computing

Nerves 15 Nov - 15 Jan

A platform for embedded systems embracing the whole Elixir language.

Python 15 Jan - 15 Mar

Python and the Jupyter Notebook, with a machine language focus

Ecto 15 Mar - 15 May

Ecto: An explicit, repo-based database mapping and query service for Elixir

TensorFlow 15 May - 15 Jul

Google's API for Machine Learning, spanning the most important parts

Elixir Testing 15 Jul - 15 Sep

Elixir Testing Concepts: Property Based Testing, Dependencies, and More

Languages and Schedule, 2019-2020 Edition

Ideas Shaping Computing

Crystal 15 Sep - 15 Nov

Crystal is a language with the smoothness of Ruby but the type-safety and speed of a compiled language. buy →

Pony 15 Nov - 15 Jan

Pony is built for concurrency but allows mutability. Pony extends types to ensure correctness. buy →

Prolog 15 Jan - 15 Mar

This logic language is a staple for teaching coders AI and machine learning concepts. buy →

Elixir 15 Mar - 15 May

An approachable FP language for fast, reliable, productive apps on the web and the IoT. buy →

OTP 13 May - 15 Jul

A programming model on Erlang/Elixir/Scala for reliable, concurrent, self-healing solutions. buy →

LiveView 15 Jul - 15 Sep

A JavaScript-free web programming model for Elixir, with live state updated with event streams. buy →

Other Products

Videos, Books, Conferences

Lonestar Elixir Feb or March 2021

22 speakers in two days! We gather to learn better ways to approach challenges and expand networks.

Gig City Elixir cancelled

Cancelled for 2020.

QuadBlock Videos

Tighten up your LiveView with the game our mentees write! Tetris-inspired, in Elixir, without JavaScript.

Designing Elixir Systems w OTP

Cover Image For Designing Elixir Systems with OTP…

You know how to code in Elixir; now learn to think in it. Design with intelligent layers.

Programming Phoenix

Cover Image For Designing Elixir Systems with OTP…

Learn Phoenix from the creators of Elixir and Phoenix, and Bruce Tate.

Adopting Elixir

Cover Image For Designing Elixir Systems with OTP…

Elixir lessons from Valim, Tate, and the architect of Bleacher Report.

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We know it's not for everyone. Learning languages takes work. There are times in every career when you want to coast. When you're ready for more, we'll be here. Learning languages will dramatically improve your programming.

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Great developers are curious. They are naturally polyglots. Curiosity leads to inspiration. José Valim, creator of Elixir, read Seven Languages in Seven Weeks and used those languages for inspiration for Elixir. Evan Chaplicki drew heavily on ML for Elm inspiration. Joe Armstrong and the Erlang team based initial versions of Erlang on Prolog, and Robert Virding from the same team has built another inspired language, Lisp-Flavored-Erlang. You don't need to be a language designer. You'll get inspired too.

Great developers are wise. Wisdom comes from experience in a variety of different circumstances. You won't take the next step if you're simply working on the same problem, in the same language, day after day. Our brains need variety to learn. Groxio's system will give you just enough experience so you can get beyond kicking tires and into what is special about each individual language.

Great developers have fun together. The days of the programmer working alone in the basement are long past. Programming has become a social endeavor. A great way to get better faster is to spend time with other great developers, and see how they solve problems. Groxio's conferences will expand your horizons beyond your digital walls, into other communities of programmers where you'll learn together.

What our clients say:

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After an intense two days of workshopping multiple problems, I feel like I have the missing blueprints for building my own bridge across that gap. There's not a doubt in my mind that I understand Elixir, Erlang and OTP better than I did two days ago... and that I'm writing better software because of it. 
Randall Thomas
Thunderbolt Labs
I took Bruce Tate's course to get a deeper understanding of Elixir system design and OTP. Bruce didn't just teach the concepts, but delivered a hands-on interactive learning experience. Well worth the investment. 
Patrick Thompson
Founder at Inkstone Software.
Bruce gauged my learning level and met me there with tailored, unwavering support. Groxio’s curriculum consistently delivers moments of clarity. Complex concepts are broken down into clear, lucid steps.The Tetris series seems delightful and familiar, but I found tough challenges at every turn (pun intended)! Solving them required thinking in new ways about what I know. 
Vanessa Lee

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