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Where do you want to go? The Programmer Passport community helps decide the languages we choose to learn.

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You decide how deep to go. We’ll point you to exercises and projects to cement your learning.

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We'll help you put your new knowledge into context so you'll be better at your everyday job.

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Great developers are curious. Curriosity leads to inspiration. José Valim, creator of Elxixir, read Seven Languages in Seven Weeks and used those langauges for inspiration for Elixir. Evan Chaplicki drew heavily on ML for Elm inspiration. Joe Armstrong and the Erlang team based initial versions of Erlang on Prolog, and Robert Verding from the same team has built another inspired language, Lisp-Flavored-Erlang. You don't need to be a language designer. You'll get inspired too.

Great developers are wise. Wisdom comes from experience in a variety of different circumstances. You won't take the next step if you're simply working on the same problem, in the same langauge, day after day. Our brains need variety to learn. Groxio's system will give you just enough experience so you can get beyond kicking tires and into what is special about each individual language.

Great developers work together. The days of the solo programmer working alone in the basement are long past. Programming has become a social endeavor. A great way to get better faster is to spend time with other great developers, and see how they solve problems. The Programmer Passport will take you beyond our digital walls and into other communities of programmers where you'll learn together.

Programmer Passport is:

  • A monthly or yearly subscription
  • Introducing new programming languages
  • On a one to two month cadence
  • Providing proprietary books, videos and projects
  • And other currated resources for learning a language

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I know I need to keep up, but who has time? Groxio takes care of the time consuming parts so I can focus on learning. I can dive deeper by doing a full project. When I don't have time, I can work an exercise or two.
Ima Gooddev
Programming is getting much more competitive. Groxio lets me be a better programmer. I can keep up with trends in emerging languages without having to do all of the content curration myself.
Ivan A. Codebetter
Groxio has put the joy back into programming for me. Rather than "sharpening the saw" with my morning sudoku, I watch a video and maybe work an exercise. Coding in Lua made me a better Java developer.
Speedy Promotion
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