Welcome to our Elixir Livebook course! In this interactive and engaging program, you will dive into the world of Elixir programming through the power of Livebook. With Livebook as our tool, we will explore the fundamentals of Elixir, learn how to write and execute code, create rich documentation, and collaborate with fellow learners. With hands-on exercises and real-time feedback, you will unlock the collaborative power of Livebook. When you’re done, you’ll be able to write your own components and manage their lifecycle within a LiveBook application.

Bruce Tate



Product Timeline

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Product Details

Livebook is an interactive notebook in the spirit of the Jupyter notebook or the Julia Notebook. Built for data sciences alongside the Nx project, Livebook’s use cases have grown into education, project documentation, and more. Livebook has the potential to make revolutionary changes across the Elixir community.

Livebook uses Elixir’s distribution services and Phoenix LiveView to provide an interactive experience. Vendors like are beginning to use Livebook to bring new developers to their cloud services platform.

Product Contents

Setting Up Livebook
1. Livebook Scenarios 23:24
2. Distributed Elixir 6:30
3. Running Livebook on 11:36
4. Installing a Nerves Livebook 9:46
5. Running the Binary Clock on Elixir and Nerves 9:46
Kino Components
6. Livebook Animations with Kino 10:50
7. Livebook Graphics with SVG 10:41
8. Livebook Render Protocol 27:05
Mix in Livebook
9. Livebook with Mix Projects 16:48
10. Prototyping with Livebook and Mix 20:11
11. Rendering an SVG Game 33:45
Writing a Game
12. Modeling Movement in a Livebook Game 9:34
13. Animate Your Game 11:11
14. Livebook Keyboard Controls 14:05
Animating the Game
15. Livebook Animations vs OTP 18:05
16. Livebook OTP Serpent Design 26:08
17. Livebook Serpent Apple 16:14
18. Livebook with OTP Supervision 5:54

Bruce Tate


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