LiveView Phx 1.7

Welcome to our Phoenix LiveView course! In this dynamic program, you will discover the power of building interactive, real-time web applications with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView. Through a combination of theory and hands-on projects, you will learn how to leverage LiveView’s innovative approach to web development, eliminating the need for complex JavaScript frameworks. When you’re done, you’ll understand core LiveView abstractions, be able to write components, and design idiomatic LiveView code.

Bruce Tate



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Product Details

LiveView Version “0.18.x” for Phoenix 1.7. Phoenix is the web development framework for Elixir, and LiveView is a Phoenix service that allows interactive page flows without JavaScript. The library is extremely productive, highly scalable, and fast. It’s no wonder that it is one of the most highly paid web frameworks in the world.

LiveView has a reputation for being hard to learn, but worth it for several reasons. Components drift away from traditional Elixir syntax. You can’t trace LiveView through a pipeline of functions like you can with native Phoenix. Don’t worry, though. This video series will help you make the breakthroughs you have been seeking by walking you through the rough spots step by step.

Product Contents

Basic Abstractions
LiveView Kickoff 11:22
LiveView Intro to LiveView 14:57
LiveView Abstractions 8:31
LiveView Functional Core 16:10
LiveView Function Components 16:55
LiveView Components and Slots 7:37
LiveView Live Components 32:47
LiveView Bindings 13:25
Routes & Navigation
LiveView Plugs and Sockets 17:50
LiveView LiveComponent Life Cycles 5:39
LiveView Links and Push Navigation 22:03
LiveView Life Cycles 5:41
LiveView phx.gen.auth 16:38
LiveView Plugs and Authentication 10:13
LiveView On Mount 8:22
LiveView Generation 9:30
LiveView Auth Plugs 19:21
Design & Organization
LiveView Layers 9:44
LiveView SVG Components 18:31
LiveView Live SVG Components 29:03
LiveView Live Actions 18:34
LiveView Specialize a Context 27:22
LiveView Handling Events 16:25
LiveView Lifecycle 24:55
LiveView PubSub Overview 5:20
LiveView PubSub in IEx 14:36
LiveView PubSub in Action 31:19
LiveView Streams 21:49

Bruce Tate

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