Welcome to our Elixir Nerves course! In this program, you will explore Elixir and Nerves, a framework for building embedded systems and IoT devices. Through your own projects, you’ll learn how to develop robust applications for resource-constrained environments. From setting up a Nerves project to implementing basic circuits, this course equips you with the skills to bring your ideas to life in the world of embedded systems. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Elixir developer, you’ll learn to design effective Nerves applications with Elixir and OTP.

Bruce Tate



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Product Details

Elixir is an excellent general purpose language. It has features that let you write programs that are more reliable, easier to understand, and highly concurrent. Many of those same capabilities make Elixir an ideal language for embedded systems.

Embedded systems are smaller, special purpose computers used to control hardware. As embedded processors get more sophisticated, the demand for more complex systems grows, such as fridges that double as web browsers and doorbells that double as security cameras and networked intercoms. To support these new requirements, we need higher level languages with more powerful features.

Enter Nerves, Because many of today’s embedded apps are full-featured distributed, concurrent systems, they are ideally matched to functional programming languages like Elixir.

Product Contents

Setup and Circuit
1. Elixir Nerves, SSH to a Nerves Target 6:16
2. Elixir Nerves, Burning Firmware 8:53
3. Elixir Nerves, Building an LED Circuit 29:20
4. Blink an LED Circuit With Elixir Nerves 9:25
5. mix firmware and Uploading Code 16:22
Design and Configuration
6. Building a Boundary Layer for Nerves 25:02
7. Building an Adapter Layer 19:21
8. Configuration 18:40
Behaviours and OTP
9. Behaviours and Interfaces 22:21
10. Using GenServers with Nerves 16:18
11. Implementing Nerves Lifecycles with Supervisors 19:29
Networking and Organization
12. Networking with VintageNet 17:24
13. Poncho Projects 16:15
14. Communication with PubSub 19:29
Binary Clock Build
Project Intro: Binary Clock Intro 1:45
Project 1-1: Clock Cabinet 21:05
Project 1-2: Clock Connections 18:32
Project 1-3: Solderless Option 6:58
Binary Clock Software
Project 2-1: Light LEDs Using the Serial Peripheral Interface 24:56
Project 2-2: Explore Time and Bits in IEx 16:27
Project 2-3: Build a Core Layer 31:10
Project 2-4: Build the Boundary Layer 34:37

Bruce Tate


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