Welcome to our Elixir Nx course! In this comprehensive program, you will dive into the world of Elixir and Nx, a powerful development toolkit for building scalable and maintainable machine learning applications. You’ll write your own functions with Defn, and use Nx to solve your own linear regression. Then, you’ll use Axon to train a FizzBuzz game. When you’re done, you’ll have a better understanding of machine learning in Elixir.

Bruce Tate



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Product Details

Nx is a library for building numerical computing applications, the so-called STEM applications, in Elixir. Rather than using basic Elixir numeric datatypes and lists, Nx uses tightly integrated pluggable backends to implement support for efficient types and structures. The result is a seamless and smooth experience.

The Nx project already has an impressive list of smaller projects underway. The LiveBook takes advantage of Phoenix LiveView and Nx to provide a place to collaboratively share research projects with data, code, and prose. The EXLA project provides support for Google’s excelerated linear algebra within a LiveBook. Compiler support and backends provide tight integration to efficient STEM libraries in other langauges.

Product Contents

1. Elixir Axon: A FizzBuzz Demo 39:37
2. Nx: Overview and Creating Tensors 21:18
Tensors and Operators
3. Nx: Numerical Definitions and defn 15:45
4. Nx: Broadcasting Compatible Tensors 12:27
5. Nx: Ways to Create Tensors 18:27
6. Nx: Slicing Tensors to Access Data 12:18
Dot Products
7. Elixir Nx Dot Products 9:13
8. Elixir Nx Dot Product Intuition 9:41
9. Linear Regression Intuition 6:25
10. Nx Linear Regression: Loss and Predictions 23:18
11. Nx Training Functions for a Linear Regression 18:16
12. Elixir NX: Writing a Training Script for a Linear Regression 23:50
Axon Models
13. Axon Models 16:27
14. Axon Data 24:46
15. Axon Interpretation of Predictions 12:06
16. Axon Build a FizzBuzz Model 7:03
Axon Training
17. Axon Training 18:07
Axon CNN, Advanced
18. Elixir's Axon CNN Neural Network: Data 17:55
19. Heatmaps Data Visualization 19:26
20. Visual Processing: Dropouts and Pooling 15:39

Bruce Tate

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