Welcome to our Elixir OTP course! In this program, you will dive into Elixir’s powerful OTP (Open Telecom Platform) framework. Through practical exercises, you’ll learn the core concepts of OTP, including concurrency models, fault-tolerance, and supervision trees. With a focus on practical application, this course empowers you to build scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly concurrent applications. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, join us to unlock the full potential of Elixir’s OTP framework and create elegant, reliable, and efficient applications.

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Elixir has near legendary status as a reliable language because of the OTP library. OTP is the heart and soul of Elixir’s concurrency and reliability. This is the core feature that gets employers excited, and learning it will make you a much more valuable programmer.

OTP has a reputation for being tough to learn by some, but this course will help you find the break through you are looking for by going beyond the basic library to present the core abstractions, bit by bit. Then, it shows you how to design your code in layers, the way experts do.

Product Contents

OTP Basics
OTP Basics 12:42
Elixir Behaviours 26:37
Functional Cores 21:40
GenServer Message Callbacks 24:38
CRC: Construct, Reduce, Convert 26:00
OTP Abstractions
Basic Abstraction 26:00
Links and Monitors 12:15
OTP Basic Supervision
Supervisors 14:58
Child Specs 16:00
Restart Strategies 17:15
OTP Advanced Supervision
Dynamic Supervisors 9:30
Registries 19:52
OTP Design Concepts
When Not to OTP 19:44
Backpressure 26:55
OTP Tasks and Agents
Tasks 6:02
Agents 4:32
OTP Project
Word Ladder Project: Files and Words 33:26
Word Ladder Project, CRC 20:13
Word Ladder, Handle Call 16:31
Word Ladder Word Choice 31:53
Word Ladder Validation 31:53
Word Ladder: Validation2 50:27
Command Line UI 23:52
Dynamic Supervisor 20:15

Bruce Tate

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