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Groxio Trainings Define Careers

Groxio's fiercely loyal students say our classes are carreer defining experiences. Our trainings have small classes where the students mob program on a common project and help each other to debug broken code when things inevitably go wrong. The instructor becomes a programming coach, and the student's only job is to break through.

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Professional Elixir 101

Elixir is a language with almost magical self healing properties. Its concurrency and reliability features make the language one of the most highest paid ones in the world, and its web frameworks show supreme power and astounding productivity. Before you can learn those tools, you need to know how the Elixir programming language works. Learn the important programming techniques you'll need to get to the good stuff, from data structures to functional programming.


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Professional Elixir and OTP

From the book Designing Elixir Systems with OTP, this course will arm you with understanding of the core Elixir abstractions you need to be successful. Going beyond a checklist of features, this class will provide you with systems to understand and instantly recall the important design considerations you need when you're designing any Elixir system, whether you're making a web app or a thermostat.


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Professional LiveView

From the book Programming Phoenix LiveView, this course will walk you through the strategies you'll need to build flexible, self-healing interactive web applications that scale well and survive the test of time. Focusing on design and abstractions, you'll learn how to layer your code with components and multi-layer APIs using idiomatic generated and custom code.


What to Expect

LiveView is one of the most productive frameworks ever built, but it's not an easy one to learn. Groxio students overcome this challenge by focusing on abstractions and design. By knowing how LiveView works, it's easier to navigate libraries and documentation. By knowing techniques for layering designs, Groxio students know where to put code and how to build it so it's easier to build, test, and maintain. We spend extra time on the most problematic features, forms and components.

LiveView Lifecycle
Code Design
Function Components
Live Components Layers
Effective APIs

Duration: 3 1/2 Days

Jan 26-27

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How It Works

In Groxio courses, students go through the core abstractions for the course several times, using techniques like role playing and building simple solutions to build understanding and quick recall. Then, the students use that knowledge to build something nontrivial. Along the way, each student will get several chances to drive with coaching from the instructor and teammates in small groups. Each training is customized based on the progress and desires of the people in the class, so each class is a unique experience. After each session, the class convenes to discuss the techniques they applied.


Groxio courses emphasize breadth over depth. Additionally, Groxio courses will adjust to the skill levels and desires of the students. For these reasons, you should not expect an exhaustive list of language or framework features. Instead, you'll see a short, overarching broad list of objectives.

  1. Explore Elixir design concepts including function composition, organizational strategies, and Elixir data structures.
  2. Work with the LiveView lifecycle, and understand how to layer code so that it works smoothly within such a design.
  3. Handle uncertainty and process machinery in a Phoenix context.
  4. Understand the role that changesets play in a Phoenix application.
  5. Build layered designs in the user interface with components, emphasizing function components.
  6. Understand how Phoenix infrastructore works, including endpoints, plugs, and routes.

Intermediate to Early Advanced

You will need to know how to code Elixir and have a decent grasp of Elixir pattern matching and enumerables. Extensive Phoenix experience is not required. The small class sizes allow us the flexibility to address multiple skill levels in the same class. You should have a working installation of Elixir version 14, a working observer, and a working installation of Phoenix. You will need a working installation of Phoenix version 1.7.

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Professional Phoenix with Ecto

From the book Programming Phoenix, this class is our de facto Phoenix back end course. We'll cover principles for working with multi-layered functional programming systems. On the data side, we'll get to know Ecto query design principles, and how to safely manage change with changesets. We'll work with boundary layers, and explore different ways to deal with failure. We'll explore advanced foundations of Phoenix from PubSub to plugs. This was the most requested course for Groxio to add in 2023.


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Why Do Groxio Students Love Us?

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“ I was really happy to learn about starting dynamic processes that I name on the fly. ”

Bill | Groxio Training

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“ I've been able to continue building my career in Elixir with confidence. ”

Liv | Groxio Training

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“ I always have fun. I'm a beginner and have to type in front of everyone. I just come as myself. ”

Paulo | Groxio Training

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“ It's about learning how to learn... allowing us to follow our own path. For me, it's life changing. ”

Christine | Elixir em Foco

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“ I learned important concepts to learn everything else in the Elixir Ecosystem. ”

Yuri | Groxio Training

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“ The biggest insight I had was the CRC pattern... That underlying pattern shapes programming. ”

Zaki | Groxio Training